An overview of the last few!

An overview of the last few!

Brev från Scott & Yasmine

May to August has been a whirlwind. Last time we spoke, Yas and I were a month in Lebanon with the Redemption DTS. We lead the team as they worked in various areas of ministry including refugee house visits, forgiveness education and church ministry. We had the pleasure of both being directly involved with the people we have such heart for and releasing our trainees into growing more with God by taking risks at different turns of the outreach.

They did an incredible job and we were so proud to hear nothing but positive things from our contacts. The DTS came back to Northern Ireland and went through a week of debrief where we tried together them prepared to go back home with a commitment to a Kingdom lifestyle. After that week, they graduated and went off to their next steps.

We, however, did not get a big break. On the contrary, we went right into prep for our base wide event of Fiddler’s Green. FG is an irish music festival here in the village and we use the base as the acoustic stage and cafe. The week prior to the festival there is a load of prep work around the building. The week of FG is full on with musical talents, pub sessions and hungry folk. We take the opportunity to welcome people into our building, serve them, feed them and hopefully bless them. Inevitably they always say the same thing, ”There is something about this place that gives me so much peace and the staff are so friendly and warm”. 
Thats the goal folks.

With that we also hosted a friend from home for a few weeks. Her name is Alyssa Luzaich. She’s the one who took these great photos! She works with YWAM in Kona and came to hear more about what we do and how we do it. YWAM typically does a good job at what is called ”Cross-Pollination” where we can share and swap ideas with one another. We discussed topics like diversity, discipleship, reconciliation, sponsoring trainees, preventing abuse and keeping a healthy balanced connection with Jesus throughout a school. It was a fruitful time for us all!

In the upcoming months Yas and I have many opportunities and chances to make our own! To keep this post brief I will just say, pray for courage, discernment and a hunger for intimacy with God!

Thank you for your interest, love and support.
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Scott and Yas

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